Attention: Dentists, Periodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists & Prosthodontists ONLY
Crush Corporate Dentistry LIVE

Discover 9 New Sneaky Marketing Tricks On How To Hijack Corporate Dentistry's Advertising Campaigns And Funnel Their Prospective Patients Into Your Practice Ethically And Legally

If you want to Get More Patients Faster (the easy way, NOT the hard way), then this event is for you.
Meet our team in Washington, DC and join Joseph Preston and Phillip Guye, co-founders of Doctor Book Publishing and Brilliant Doctors Magazine, as they will share with you exactly what strategies are working right now on how to Crush Corporate Dentistry and GET MORE PATIENTS FASTER.

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These Are Some Of The Strategies You Will Learn At The Crush Corporate Dentistry LIVE Event:
Crush Corporate Dentistry LIVE 2017
Alternative Continuing Education for Elite Dentists and Specialists
Crush Corporate Dentistry LIVE will reveal alternative Continuing Education for dentists on the exact Patient Attraction and Patient Getting strategies that are working right now to conquer Corporate Dentistry in any local market.

Funded by cost-conscious hedge funds and private equity investors who put profits first instead of the patients, Corporate Dentistry threatens many local family owned and operated dental practices across the United States.

Since these corporate "big boys" invest large sums of capital into advertising nationally, regionally and locally on TV, radio, newspapers and the Internet, Corporate Dentistry outfits can out-market smaller private practices and out-convert consumers into patients without even having to undercut pricing.
The Only Marketing Master Class You Will Ever Need
As a Crush Corporate Dentistry event attendee, you will discover the newest sneaky marketing tricks on how to hijack Corporate Dentistry’s advertising campaigns and funnel their prospective patients into your private practice ethically and legally.

This is the only Marketing Master Course you will ever need on how to body slam your competitors... whether they are large corporate outfits or smaller practices in your market.
Crush Corporate Dentistry
Crush Corporate Dentistry LIVE 2017
Word-for-Word Templates, Scripts and Cheat Sheets Your Staff Can Implement in Their Free Time at Your Office
As a Crush Corporate Dentistry attendee, you will receive word-for-word templates, scripts and step-by-step blueprints so that your receptionists, office managers, hygienists or treatment coordinators can quickly and easily implement the strategies and tactics that get you more patients faster. 

Look, if any of your staff members have available free time during the work day, they can be marketing your practice with our fill-in-the-blank templates, cheat sheets, mind maps and action plans presented at the event.

This event is 100% pure Patient Getting content.
PURE GOLD for You, Your Practice and Your Family
This is PURE GOLD for you, your practice and your family...all in two days.  Be prepared to take great notes...don't worry, we provide each attendee with our step-by-step Action Book on how to Crush Corporate Dentistry.  Also as a SPECIAL BONUS, each attendee will receive the Audio Recordings of the event on Audio CDs so you can listen to our system anytime in your car or on your smart phone.

Don't forget to bring your wife or your husband...even bring your kids and visit Washington, DC to see the sights including Georgetown, the Washington Monument and the Capitol building.  In fact, our office is a few blocks from the White House.
Crush Corporate Dentistry
Crush Corporate Dentistry
Clear Choice, Heartland or Aspen Dental Not in Your Market Yet?
This is still for YOU.
This is for YOU even if giant corporate dentistry outfits like Clear Choice, Aspen Dental or Heartland Dental are NOT located in your market.  Why?  We teach you how to use leverage on the so-called giants so you can knock them to their knees.  For example, Clear Choice advertises nationally on TV networks such as CNN and FOX News.  People in your city or town listen to those Clear Choice TV commercials because they watch CNN or FOX News. 

Imagine getting new patients into your practice all by creatively and covertly leveraging Clear Choice's $39 million advertising budget. 
If you are concerned about Aspen Dental, Pacific Dental Services, Heartland Dental, Monarch Dental or any other Corporate Dentistry outfit, we teach you how to beat down Goliath by using the shrewdest marketing judo.
Turn The Tables on Corporate Dentistry Today
In this two day marketing boot camp, you will learn step-by-step how you can easily, stealthily and cost-effectively turn the tables on Corporate Dentistry and give them a taste of their own poaching THEIR prospective patients in YOUR backyard.

We will demonstrate the hardcore marketing short cuts dentists need and want…absolutely absent of fluff, BS fillers and political correctness.

Remember, it's Us VS. Them!
Crush Corporate Dentistry LIVE 2017
Crush Corporate Dentistry
This Event Is
Not Open for Everyone.  ONLY Two Dentists Per Market
Since this invitation only private event is not open for every dentist, we will ONLY teach the Crush Corporate Dentistry marketing strategies (at the live event and on Audio CDs) to only two Dentists per local market.

This is a unique and exclusive opportunity for just a handful of like minded doctors who understand the threat of corporate dentistry on the horizon. 

Register now with your email so you can reserve your spot because any competitor (Dentist, Periodontist, Oral Surgeon, Prosthodontist, Orthodontist or Endodontist) can take the only two seats or Audio Recordings available per local market...and once the two spots are gone, they're gone.

100% Money Back Guarantee
At anytime during the first day of the event if you’re not absolutely convinced this was one of the single best business decisions you’ve ever made, let us know and we will give you an immediate and cheerful FULL refund... No questions asked and no hassles.
100% Money Back Guarantee
Can't Make It to the Event This Year?  Some of You Can Still Get the Audio Recordings
Don’t worry!  We got you covered if you take action today.  If you can not make the event this year in Washington, DC, you can still purchase the CONFIDENTIAL Audio Recordings that are protected by US copyright law.  Only two sets of Audio Recordings of the two day event are available per local market.  Again, once your market is gone, it’s gone. 

To see if your local market is still open so you can order the Audio CDs from this year's event, please email your request today to:

Publisher @

If the CDs are still available for your local market and your purchase is processed successfully, we will FedEx you the set of 14+ Audio CDs and our step-by-step Action Book on how to Crush Corporate Dentistry.

Now you can listen and learn at your leisure while driving to the office or working out at the gym.
BONUS Audio Training #1:
Dental NLP
for Super Charging Case Acceptance
In these additional bonus audio recordings, you will discover how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to dramatically increase case acceptance.  We will share with you Step-By-Step exactly what to say, how to say it and even what tone of voice to say it in. 

We are giving you the exact hypnotic language patterns, the exact scripts and the exact vocal tonality to use so you convert MORE prospects into patients FASTER.
  We insist you promise to use our Mastering the Language of Influence and Persuasion System with kindness and use it responsibly because it is very's almost like mind control.
Dental Marketing Motto
Dental Implants Columbus
BONUS Audio Training #2:
How To Write Your Own Book for Patient Education in as Little as Five Hours of Your Own Time
In these additional bonus audio recordings, you will discover how to quickly write a dental book for consumers and position yourself as the #1 expert in your market.  Let’s face it...writing a book is the ultimate symbol of authority in our culture. 

Imagine speaking with a prospective patient about a procedure and at the end of your consultation, you give them an autographed copy of your very own book…authored by YOU. Whether the prospective patient reads your book or not…in that prospect’s mind…you are positioned as the Trusted Expert…a Dental Guru…THE recognized dental authority in your city or town.

Marketing your practice with a book isn’t just about making millions...It’s about impacting millions.  This isn’t about ego, or loving the spotlight as a Bestselling Author that gets tons of positive publicity.  It’s about something bigger: it’s about sharing your message and helping as many people achieve total oral health and wellness along with improved self-confidence and the perfect smile.

Your new book will be the ultimate Psychological Trust Trigger.  Trust Converts Prospects Into Patients.

Give 100 patients the choice between two doctors and tell them that their training, facilities and prices are more or less the same...However, by the way, Doctor “A” wrote a book on the subject of dental implants.  Who is going to “close” the most patients and obtain the highest case acceptance? The prospective patients don’t even have to read the book.  The published author, by implication, is going to have more credibility, more authority and ultimately more patients.

Remember all the prospective patients who you met with for an initial consultation, who were on the fence, but who ultimately did not accept treatment?  You know, the fish that got away.  Would they have probably swung the other way and converted from prospect to patient if you gave them a signed copy of your very own book?

Your book will attract patients and persuade them to accept your treatment recommendations so you can completely restore their health, beauty and self-confidence.
BONUS Audio Training #3:
How To Get Perpetual Referrals with Some Postage Stamps and a Smart Phone
In these additional bonus audio recordings, you will discover how to convert almost any dentist, dental specialist AND even plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist WHO YOU NEVER MET BEFORE into a steady source of patient referrals.  We reveal exactly how a simple eight sentence letter mailed to a dentist or medical doctor that you NEVER spoke with before can INSTANTLY influence him or her to send you an IMMEDIATE and almost endless stream of new patient referrals.

Imagine waking up one morning and having your voicemail and email stuffed with appointments from referrals coming from dentists and doctors you NEVER met before...

We reveal the EXACT wording of this "Jedi Mind Control" letter and how you can execute on this strategy in record time and use it in your own practice today.

We will share with you exactly how to SUPER CHARGE referrals from dentists and medical doctors who you don’t even psychologically influencing them to the point where they feel subconsciously obligated and even consciously compelled to refer you patients.

Not only is this strategy used to produce consistent patient referrals, it does so while simultaneously creating massive good will in your local market and absolute loyalty to your practice.
Crush Corporate Dentistry LIVE 2017
BONUS Audio Training #4:
How to Stand Out from Your Competition So You Can Grow in a Crowded Market
In these additional bonus audio recordings, you will discover how to truly separate yourself from your competitors.

According to the Wall Street Journal on February 15, 2013: “Nike’s $2.7 billion annual marketing budget carries massive cultural influence. It’s endorsement commitments are worth nearly $4 billion, or about 15% of annual revenues of $24 billion.  The thing about Nike that rarely gets acknowledged is that it doesn’t sell shoes, or even athletes, as much as it buys and sells stories, narratives, and fairy tales.  They aren’t a shoe company as much as a giant abstraction - a condition of the aspirational mind.”

According to Princeton University Psychology Professor Uri Hasson, when people hear a story, the language center of their brain is stimulated, as well as the other parts of the brain that would light up if the person were actually experiencing the a story is the only way to activate parts in the brain so that a listener turns the story into his own idea and experience.

Every doctor has a story of hope, inspiration, motivation and transformation deep down inside of them.

We help our clients create their own HERO story to attract prospective patients and motivate them to accept treatment and become actual patients.

Do you have aspirational stories about your approach to treatment planning or your patients' successful outcomes that should be shared with the world?

We will show you step-by-step how to CREATE and DELIVER your own aspirational storytelling narratives so you can convert more prospects into patients faster.
Details For This Private Invitation Only Event

Washington, DC
(a few blocks away from the White House)

May 14 & 15, 2019

May 12 & 13, 2020
(full breakfast, lunch & dinner served)

WARNING:  No Clear Choice or Aspen Employees Will Be Permitted Inside This Private Invitation Only Event.

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It's Us Vs. Them!

Meet our team in Washington, DC and join Joseph Preston and Phillip Guye, co-founders of Doctor Book Publishing and Brilliant Doctors Magazine, as they will share with you exactly what strategies are working right now on how to Crush Corporate Dentistry and GET MORE PATIENTS FASTER.

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Get our Amazon Bestselling Book for FREE so you can discover how to maximize referrals that Crush Corporate Dentistry in your local market.
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